At the End of the Day

We arrive at the reception hall, after a very careful 20 minute drive to the Church. You don’t make quick turns or stops after all the work you have invested in the cake, or you might be surprised to find cake in places it should not be when you arrive at your destination. We get everything into the hall to set up the cake and half-way through the set-up, we remember to take a few pictures.

I am charging the bride for only half the cake plates with separators and for half the cake plateau and I will get to keep those for future cakes I may make. Now that’s a win-win situation. Ask me in a few months and I will let you know if I will undertake this for another friend.

I now understand why bakers charge such high prices for their wedding cakes. Not only does it take almost a week to get them ready, materials are expensive. I spent almost $300 on this cake when I include just half the price of the cake plateau and separators with plates! I feel for the bride when I present her with my bill. But it would have cost her much more if I hadn’t provided the labor as my gift. Little does she know how many prayers went into the making of this cake!

We continue with the assembly of the two top tiers together before placing them on top of the other cakes or it will be too high to get the top tier on without getting a ladder. I am somewhat disappointed that you can see the cake through the frosting in places. Maybe I should have added another layer of frosting over the first, but it is too late. My sister keeps reminding me that it is the overall effect that matters. I’m counting on that!

The cakes are together. What you do not see are the supports that we cut to the height of each cake before we stacked the cakes. Without them, the weight of the tiers would smash the bottom layers and the cake would probably fall over. We cut the hollow tubes that go into the cakes with a special tool my sister provided. It’s in the bottom left side of the photo. We used the pencil to mark the tubes before cutting.

The baker of the groom’s cake helped me put the ribbon around the base of each tier.  I used scrapbooking adhesive squares to attach the ends together. She has always used pins, but likes the idea of the adhesive squares. They are safe, easy, invisible, and stick well without pressing to hard on the sides of the cake. Everything is coming together after all.

Oops! I spoke too soon. It is time to put the flowers on the cake, but there are no flowers to be had. The floral people were to provide flowers for us to use on the cake, but failed to leave us any. So, it’s time to problem solve again. There is just enough time to stop by Hobby Lobby, buy silk flowers and come up with some little decorative arrangements for between the cake tiers.

Oh my! When we arrive back at the reception hall, someone has taken matters into their own hands! I was horrified! Who would do this to a cake they had not even made?

My sister and I quickly remove the botch job and set up the cakes with the arrangements I made.

The cake is steady and is not – I repeat, is NOT falling down. I just thought I would throw this photo in for the effect! Believe me, this is an optical illusion!

This is the real deal! The cake is ready for the bride and groom to see. For all its flaws, the overall effect is nice. It is what really matters at the end of the day.

For a last-minute fix, the cake topper turned out pretty nice!

The “satellite” cake has its own topper.

The entire reception hall is lovely and waiting for everyone to arrive.

The bride and groom are happy. In the subdued lighting, you cannot see the cake’s flaws. He says right away, “It tastes good!” In the end, that’s what really matters anyway.

It seems that everyone at the reception liked it too! Lots of people took photos prior to the cake being cut and many returned for a second piece when we did serve it.

The bottom tiers had strawberry filling. The middle two tiers had apricot filling. The satellite cake had lemon filling. It was enough cake to feed over 200.  By the time we served the cake, many people had already left the reception, so there was plenty of cake left over. That was a blessing since the bride was having a family BBQ the next day!

After the earlier excitement and serving the cake, I was exhausted. But it was a good tired. May God bless the marriage of this young couple!

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